Join the MATRIX, take the red pill!

Finally there’s a possibility to chat directly on our own server. After creating a synapse instance on our own host, we’re now part of the federated matrix universe. This is an open network for secure, decentralised communication.

If you feel like joining there are two ways. Either you download the client and create an account with or you contact me at citizen[at] and I’ll create an account on our own server. Apparently having an account on our nerderlands host has some advantages. When starting you then change to the server. Of course you can also do both.

Matrix allows for creating so called communities, e.g. a data-science & machine-learning community. These can consist of rooms which cover topics which can be whatever you want. My idea is to use this for quick interaction and socialising. It fills a small gap in the discourse functionality.

For you to be able to join, you need an invite (contact me with your MXID).



PS: more details on the discourse site