edX announcement

Hello fellow learners/students,

My name is Jan Rhebergen, electronics engineer / scientist with some experience in R&D,… and aspiring data scientist :)

I’m a verified learner and completed part of the courses needed for the MicroMasters. Due to overlap between the previous course I am now picking up where I left off earlier :) So you’ll see me around!

Together with some other fellow students, some of which have already completed the MicroMasters, we’ve formed a group on LinkedIn. The purpose is to stay in touch and discuss topics of mutual interest, mainly data science related.

Both the LinkedIn group and edX discussion forum leave something to be desired in terms of features and ease of use. That’s why I’ve started a separate website to function as an alternative. The idea is to help each other with discussions and other resources and build a kind of library of relevant discussions and conversations which one can look back on as a reference and/or which might help future students. So the idea is that this stays and grows over time.

Content and topics are purely focused on the subject(s) and not about how the courses are run/managed or if you want to complain :)

http://the.nerderlands.net http://discourse.nerderlands.net

As you can imagine the success very much depends on participation and community building, something which one cannot achieve alone. I’ve also discussed the idea with professor Yoav Freund who supports the initiative and who would in principle be prepared to also participate, but will currently not be able to join, as there is too much on his plate already.

So who is this for? Well, I imagine typically the above average motivated student, who is prepared to invest a little as well, to help build this community that I was referring to earlier.

Please note that this is a grass-root/amateur effort and not a professional enterprise.

Kind regards, JBR

PS: Staff if you read this could you perhaps pin it? Or perhaps if you think it belongs in another session move it there?